The Children of 1917. Russian Centenarians Share Their Stories

Antonina Kusleyeva talks with journalist. Antonina was born in 1917.
Antonina Kusleyeva talks with journalist. Antonina was born in 1917.

This documentary project explores a century of Russian history through intimate, first person interviews conducted across the world’s largest country. More specifically, it will look at the Revolution’s long-term impact through the lens of Russian families that are ordinary in most all respects but one: they have a living patriarch or matriarch who was born in 1917.

The project will create a beautiful, large format photo book of approximately 200-250 pages, and a 90-minute documentary film.

Participants will interview some 20-25 families whose ancestors lived on the territory of the Russian Empire in 1917, who belonged to different social, national, ethnic and religious groups, who had differing levels of education, achievement, and who held varying political views. The book’s “heroes” will be chosen so as to maximize the degree to which they represent the diversity of the Russian empire – at the time of the Revolution – as a whole, so that they will be a reflection of the peoples who inhabited the Russian empire over the course of the past 100 years.

The research, travel, and journalism for this project is funded by a Kickstarter campaign. 

You can support the project and found more information through the link below