Russia 1917 and the Dissolution of the Old Order in Europe. Biographical Itineraries, Individual Experiences, Autobiographical Reflections / Switzerland / 13-15 septembre 2017

International conference organized by the Universities of Basel (Prof. Dr. Frithjof Benjamin Schenk) and Geneva (Prof. Dr. Korine Amacher)

The Russian revolution of 1917, an event that « shook the world » and contributed significantly to the dissolution of the old order in Europe, may be re-examined through individual experiences. In our conference, we will discuss how the revolutionary events of 1917 shaped biographies both in Russia and in Western Europe. We will analyze the impact of individuals on the course of the revolution, in Russia and abroad, study personal experiences of actors, victims and bystanders and explore memories of the revolution in autobiographies and other ego-documents. Last but not least, we will discuss historiographical narratives that either highlighted or downplayed the role of the individual in historical events.

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